We are a proud community cricket club with family values.

·         Our Lion pride is based on diversity. We respect and value our individual differences in culture, religion, gender, ability and background.

·         Lions respect and actively support the coaches, captains and club officials who provide their service for the benefit of club.

·         We also actively support our helpers/volunteers and bar staff, and care for club premises and equipment.

·         We understand that it takes a whole club to foster young cricketers.

·         When our children are present, Lions strive to make “The Den” more family friendly.  

·         We undertake to actively avoid the use of foul language on the field, on the boundary line and at our club family gatherings.

Lions abide by the rules.

·         Angered or frustrated Lions control their temper.

·         We play it hard but fair, keep it positive and stay within the spirit of the game.

·         We value the opportunity to show good sportsmanship.

·         We cultivate positive thinking and an expectation of success through effort.    

·         In loss we keep our heads high, allow the winners their moment and foster a renewed resolve to do better.

·         Lions respect all umpires, official and unofficial, and accept umpiring decisions.

·         We maintain respect for the opposition for the competition and challenges they provide.

Players who behave in ways that breach our code of conduct may be asked to explain themselves to the committee, who may then decide on any reasonable course of action deemed necessary in the interests of the club.