50th Season Celebrations

2007/08 was the 50th season of the club, and Mitchell Park conducted a number of activities to celebrate their past and present champions.

Trophy Names

As part of the 50th season celebrations, all of our trophies names were revisited, and named in honour of club stalwarts. The only previously named trophy, the points based BJ McArdle Trophy, has been renamed The Daryl Reynolds All-Rounder Trophy in honour of one of our great all rounders. As Brian "Skippy" McArdle was a dominant batsman and committed clubman through the 1980s and early 90s, he now adorns the B-Grade Batting Aggregate instead. All other trophies feature names for the first time.

The new trophy names are:

Club Awards
  • Alan Sutherland "Player Of The Year" Trophy
  • Daryl Reynolds "All Rounder" Trophy
  • Mark Sansome Fielding Trophy
  • Bob Wood A-Grade Batting Aggregate
  • Kevin Heffernan A-Grade Batting Average
  • Neil McAvaney A-Grade Bowling Aggregate
  • Gordon Carey A-Grade Bowling Average
  • Brian McArdle B-Grade Batting Aggregate
  • Scott Rusby B-Grade Batting Average
  • John Gumley B-Grade Bowling Aggregate
  • Peter Berkshire B-Grade Bowling Average
  • John Leicester C-Grade Batting Aggregate
  • Jim McDonald C-Grade Batting Average
  • Terry Hollis C-Grade Bowling Aggregate
  • Ray Jaunutis C-Grade Bowling Average
  • Neil Murphy D-Grade Batting Aggregate
  • Grant McAvaney D-Grade Batting Average
  • Phil Davis D-Grade Bowling Aggregate
  • Dave Scott D-Grade Bowling Average

All Time Team

The official All Time Team was chosen by Life Members John Gumley, Terry Hollis and Daryl Reynolds, who between them had played over 700 games for the club in 37 of the club's 50 seasons (from 1971/72).

By pure coincidence, the final selected side meant that every single season from 1957/58 had at least 1 A-Grade player selected, with most selected players having played the bulk of their careers in the 1970s and 1980s, when we were at our strongest.

Back Row: Daryl Reynolds, Scott Rusby, Alan Sutherland (V/C),
Neil McAvaney (C), Darren Adams, Justin Smoker
Front Row: Peter Berkshire, Kevin Heffernan, Robert Wood, Fred Wright, Gordon Carey
Inset: Jack Jolly (deceased)